Our Mission:
   -Soar Like an Eagle
   -Sharpen Your Inner Vision
   -Focus Your Personal Power
   -Renewal and Rebirth
   -Connect with the Divine
   -Share in the Growth of Your Kindred Spirits
   -Learn the Native American Principals
My teacher, Serge Runningwolf Martel, came from Huna and Mohawk ancestry. I studied with him for 10 years
and was blessed to be called his friend.

About Serge RunningWolf Martel

August 22nd, 1932 ~ October 15, 2008
Serge is the founder and creator of the Healing Modality named “Shamanic Touch, which is a
compilation of Shamanic techniques using the subtle energies to bring about complete healing.

Serge gave lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the United States and in Europe. He
founded Golden Eagle Ministries of Arizona and was the Dean of Native American Spirituality
at the College of Metaphysical studies in Clearwater, Florida. Serge guided many people on
their path with his wisdom.

Serge was a shaman and a spiritual warrior who radiated a calm and gentle spirit, He was the
direct desendent of over nine hundred years of Shamanism from his Mohawk and Hawaiian
ancestors. He was an elder and ordained minister.

He wrote and produced a TV series entitled “Innerquest Magazine – A Video Journal for the
New Age” for Warner Communications, and was interviewed and gave readings on several
radio talk shows and television productions. Serge was also the former host of “Runningwolf
Speaks” on KFNX.

A degree in Psychology grounded him and aided him to walk the sacred journey between the
two worlds.

Serge was written about in the New York Times, “Cowboys and Indians”, “Spa Magazine”,
“Alternative Medicine Magazine” and several times in the Arizona Republic
. He was a First
Nation guest
on ABC’s Sonora Living and the Travel Channel.

He still guides me today.  
Golden Eagle Ministry
Shamanic Touch is a combination of energy techniques that have been blended together from
multiple tribal sources. Ancestral wisdom, realized and practiced down through the ages, is
used to balance, synchronize, and energize the energy that is the true you.

The chakra and aura techniques greatly based themselves in Asian practices. It includes some
acupressure knowledge that involves the energy channels that run through the body, known as

Tera Mai Reiki is one of the tools used based on the principle that the Healer can channel
energy to the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing process and restore
physical and emotional well-being. Tera Mai Reiki is a school of attunement that was
developed by Kathleen Milner. "Reiki and Other Rays of Touch Healing" was Kathleen's first
book (published 1994). She went on to publish "Healing Hand and Symbols in Healing", "Tera,
My Journey Home: Seichem, Shamanism, Symbology, Herbs, and Reincarnation".
Info on Kathleen Milner