Starting Mid-April  
Weekly Group Coaching for Young Mothers

The purpose of this group is to train young mothers how to become
emotionally competent, healthy, and mature for their children AND
themselves. This is a way for young mothers to get expert training at
a fraction of the price.  My fees can range up to $175/hour and a
group coaching session will be $20.00. The last thing I want to do is
cause more stress on a young mother.

The group will be learning how to resolve emotional overwhelm,
staying present even when the child is manipulating or upset,
understanding where your child is developmentally right now,
identifying triggers and resolving them, and doing what is in your and
the child's best and highest interest.

You will be amazed at the difference in yourself and your child or
children. A child who does not have to take their childhood traumas or
unresolved emotions into adulthood become the best they can be. Do
this for the sake of your child's future.

Call me to discuss your interest and based on the my conversations
with each of you I will set weekly dates and times.
Serving the greater Las Vegas area in person and worldwide via skype or zoom