I have known and worked with Holly over a 10 year period. She is a medical intuitive who is
also a nurse and a highly skilled healer in many disciplines. Her integrity is beyond reproach
and her devotion to her clients is Pure.
                           ~~~Peggy Gilmer, Washington

Holly is one of the most skilled, compassionate, gifted healing practitioners I have ever had the
opportunity to work with. I can honestly say her expertise in trauma resolution, is one of the
main reasons that I'm still alive and today. Her ability to really find the core of the illness, bring
it to light with love, and use all of her nursing expertise, true healing really occurs. I must say,
that her love, and her ability to see everyone as a gift and a blessing, is truly
the greatest
healing of all.
                           ~~~Tanya Hall, Florida

Bicom therapy reduced my cancerous tumor from 7 centimeters to NOTHING in 6 weeks
making it so I did not need radiation since they gave me all the chemo possible (without killing
me off) back in 1999. Been cancer free since thanks to Tom Stone, Dr. Andrea Bieke and of
course YOU! Now 18 years later, I am still completely cancer free, healthy and vital, now a
woman of 65 years.
                          ~~~Victoria Schneider, B.C

Holly was a godsend to us when she used to make regular trips to Portland. My son had a
serious dairy allergy and she was able to totally cure him. He has been eating pizzas and ice
cream on a regular basis for 5 years now and is completely without reactions to the dairy! I,
too, saw Holly regularly for a variety of different symptoms, all of which were much improved.
She is the first one I think of now when an issue comes up. What I'd give if she was closer by
where I live! I really think that of all the different healing modalities and energy healers I've
been to, she has been the most effective and is the one I have the most confidence in.
                          ~~~Lisi Beliz-McCarthy, OR

Holly is an intuitive healer with multiple tools at her disposal to heal energetic, spiritual, and
emotional damage. After working with her I felt more connected to myself and at peace with
aspects of myself I had been struggling with all my life
                            ~~~Harmony Grace, South Carolina